Sir Ludwig - gold decorated baroque pinto stallion introduce himself

and now with his family

Chica, Sombra and myself


copyright M.Stieneke


I was born May 29 2008.

heigh 1,57m ( about 5ft 2in)

homozygous for black and tobiano that means: foals will be black and white

No chestnut factor!!!

since 15.07.2011 I am a approved stallion in the German Echa ESV e.V. HB2 (42.5 points)

Sire is Sky, Dam is Inka (Pinto)

Sire-Sire Majestic Shetan (Barockpinto),

Sire-Dam, Stientje (Friesian)

Are you intrested in a foal of Sir Ludwig?

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